The Vanishing of Ethan Carter unveiled the release date of the Nintendo Switch

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The great response of public and critics obtained with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter pushes the authors of The Astronauts to announce the transfer to the Nintendo Switch, with a surprise. The new version of this iconic adventure narrative, in fact, is already ready and is preparing to land on the console hybrid.

The new console version of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter will make its entry into the already full playroom to Switch from Thursday 15 August. The porting of the title has been edited by SPIN Software with the contribution and the external support of the team of The Astronauts.

According to the authors led by Adrian Chmielarz, the change of the graphic engine with the transition to the latest version of theUnreal Engine 4 (already started with the porting PS4-2015) has facilitated greatly the work of conversion accomplished by SPIN to give the users of Nintendo Switch the opportunity to play for the first time, or riaffrontarne the adventure in a new context, one of the most representative exponents of the genre.

From a strictly content, the title will offer the same experience of the masterpiece the original and, therefore, will continue to gravitate around the figure of the detective Paul Prospero and his search for Ethan Carter, a young boy of Red Creek Valley disappeared into nothing after having written a letter in which he stated to be in serious danger.


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