The Initiative: the study Microsoft hires former developers of Naughty Dog, EA and Bioware

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The Initiative shows no signs of curbing its expansion. The new studio’s first party of Microsoft continues to grow with the other assumptions: the software house has welcomed a team of some of the former developers of the securities known as Uncharted, Anthem, Just Cause, and Apex Legends.

The news comes from the updates seen in the LinkedIn profiles of the new developers are hired by The Initiative. We’re talking about Sean Slayback (formerly game senior designer at Respawn Entertainment, has worked for Apex Legends) joined as Lead Systems Designer, Ryan Duffin (the ex-Bioware, has been working on Battlefield 5, and the animations of the Anthem) has been hired as the Gameplay Animation Director, Ryan Trowbridge (former Bend Studio and Naughty Dog, has worked to Days Gone, and Uncharted 4) has joined as a Tech Art Director, while Justin Walters (he had worked in Just Caus 4 with Avalanche Studios) has been appointed as Senior Environment Artist.

In recent months, moreover, The Initiative was also taken by former members of Rockstar, and Santa Monica, a former employee of Sony and a former developer of The Last of Us 2. It is undoubtedly the assumptions of a certain weight, that bodes well on the size of the projects where he is involved in the new study, the first party of Microsoft. What you may have in the pipeline The Initiative? To find out, all that remains is to wait for more details from the software house.


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