State of Decay 2 register a total of 5 million players

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State of Decay 2 , dating back to may 2019, but since has come, so that today register a new milestone with so much satisfaction to Microsoft. The title, in fact, has registered the remarkable figure of 5 million players, and to communicate the datum is nothing less than the designer, Quin Richards of Undead Labs, as ” first party of MS.

State of Decay 2 after the launch has not therefore ceased to grow, proving to be able to do big things when already at the end of 2018 reported fee of 4 million players. There is to say that the Xbox Box Game Pass has definitely contributed to this success, but certainly the developers do not want to stop supported the title, to which anyone approach, and now he will definitely be satisfied.

And you, have you tried State of Decay 2? What do you think?


Source: Polygon


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