Rainbow Six Siege: here’s to you Operation Ember Laughed, and the next expansion

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The wait is finally over and Ubisoft has officially unveiled the first details of the upcoming season of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which will take the name of the Operation Ember Laughed.

The two new operators, whose names are still unknown, they come from Mexico and Peru and you can already see in the very first promotional image of the season. Unfortunately there are no details in the image that suggest what might be the peculiarities of the characters, but it is virtually certain that these are the same operators of the protagonists of the recent leak of Rainbow Six Siege, according to which the two could be the treasure hunters. For what concerns the gadget, according to some rumor, the attacker would be armed with a grappling hook, which would allow you to hook into various points of the map for plotting to ambush opponents. The defender, however, should be provided with a shield fixed that, once destroyed, it will drop of the fluid glowing that harms anyone we come in contact. Speaking of new maps, the next season will introduce a revised version of the Kanal and is not an area of all-new game.

Before I leave you to the first image of the Season 3 of Year 4 of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, please note that new information on the Operation Ember Rise will come on the occasion of the Raleigh Major the next weekend.


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