Published a new video dedicated to the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and armor flakes Jagras

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Without a doubt, the focus of Monster Hunter: the World has always been the hunt for the dangerous monsters, however there are many players who like to equip their characters with armor and accessories in order to differentiate itself from the others. In this regard, Capcom has decided to release a new trailer dedicated to Iceborne (new expansion to the arctic theme), in which is shown a new set.

We are speaking of the armor Master Rank made with flakes of Jagras, they were shown the models, both male and female and according to the first information should ensure a high degree of defense in combat. The announcement was made via the official Twitter account of the game, if you are interested, below you can find the full video.

“A different region, full of life endemic to. Many monsters that are chasing each other and trigger in territorial fights. A new hunting experience, that takes advantage of the densely populated environment. Monster Hunter: World, the game that innovated the action of hunting, is going to become even bigger with the massive expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne! All of the 14 types of weapons offer new moves and combos, like never before. Each weapon also allows you to use the grappling hook claw, a new feature of the sling, to attack the monsters. It consumes your stamina to get to the monsters, but you will open up new ways to control their movements!” – it says in the description of the expansion.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available on PS4 and Xbox One this coming September, while PC users will have to wait until next year.

What do you think of the new armor?

SOURCE: Gamingbolt


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