Overwatch: Sigma and Tail Roles are available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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The wait is finally over and from today, Sigma has officially abandoned the PTR (Public Test Realm) of Overwatch to land on PC and console.

The new tank has full control over gravity and his abilities allow him to launch charges, gravitational bounce off the walls and then explode, hurl against foes a barrier, stopping the bullets and then convert them to the shield, and the launch of the heaps of debris against opponents. The Ultimate Sigma, Flow, Gravitational, allows the hero to lift into the air enemies in a small area and then make them crash to the ground.

In the case the tank should not be your favorite role, you should know that today’s update also introduced the Tail Roles in Overwatch. The new matchmaking system will allow players to select their role before starting the search for a match and, for its duration, it will be possible to select only the characters belonging to that specific category. For what concerns the match competitive, each role will have its own score, and will require different match placement.

You have already taken a look at all the skins in epic and legendary Sigma?


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