No price increase for the console: the duties of the Trump slip to December

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Through the pages of the federal government agency of the United States in charge of the international commercial relations, the confirmation of the slip to December of every discussion about the duties for the import of goods from Countries and organisations such as China, Russia, Japan and the European Union.

The new intervention made by high officials of the USTR on the recommendation of the Administration to Trump aims to block the import duties for certain consumer products such as cell phones, laptop computers, computer monitors, some types of toys, footwear, apparel, and video-game consoles. 96% of the platforms the game sold in the States, in fact, is imported from the asian giant, from here the importance of the block of the duties and escaped the danger of a rise in the general prices of video games, consoles and accessories.

The aggressive trade policy announced (and partly implemented) by the President of the USA provided for a fee of additional 10% (or even 25% in some cases) of about 300 billion dollars worth of goods imported from China: the postponement to December 15, the date when the measure should be effective for these products, therefore, leaves ample scope for an agreement that would allow a further postponement of import duties on goods such as consoles.

However, the climate of uncertainty fed by these sudden changes of strategy on the part of the u.s. federal government, is causing a few arguments between the experts and the main actors of the gaming industry, so much so that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to come together to launch an appeal to the Administration Trump for you to save video games from the cross-fire of a trade war, with its threats of further tariffs between the USA and China.


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