No Man’s Sky: some players have built an incredible city, cyberpunk

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In the course of the years, No Man’s Sky has evolved into a game quite full-bodied with an ever-increasing range of functionality to allow players to express themselves. The tools for building are introduced through an update already allow a lot of freedom, but a group of players went even further by creating a city cyberpunk.

Replicant City is a video giving viewers a tour of these fantastic buildings. The group of players that has created, ER Burroughs, Action Pants Gaming, JC Hysteria and Boid Gaming, has plans to release the coordinates after the launch of No Man’s Sky: Beyond the end of this week, so you can get the right experience in VR.

In the construction of the city is used in a series of “glitch building”: the group of players made use of this system, which has allowed them to build a city with many graphic details. Replicant City is located in the midst of a world that is uninhabited with the lower atmosphere because it was the only way the game can turn this construction.

The group has put us about 20 hours to build this city that is very reminiscent of both “Blade Runner”, “The Fifth Element”. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments.

Source: Polygon


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