It is not in production an Xbox oriented to only streaming

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In an interview with GameSpot, Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, reiterated that there is currently an Xbox orientated only to the streaming production.

“Last year, we talked about xCloud and then we said that we were working on a new game console, but this is all that I said,” Spencer explained about the discussed statements in this regard at E3 2018.

“We have not said what”, that is, that between these consoles there was a thought to support cloud gaming, with specifications and prices cut down to the bone.

“I think that maybe someone thought that between those there was the console without an optical reader that we have just launched”, that is, the Xbox One’s All-Digital Edition.

“We are concentrating on the phone in your pocket as the destination for your game streaming, and the console that you have allows you to play the titles locally”.

From rumor, in reality, there would have been at some point a console with the purpose of supporting the only cloud gaming, but this would have been discarded to avoid confusion between developers and players.


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