GTA 6, rumor: three different ages, a villain inspired by “No country for old men”?

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According to a new leak, coming from Reddit and reported by Game Rant, GTA 6 would be set in three different eras, as it was already leaked several times in the past few months.

The eras in question would be the ’70s, the ’80s and the present day, with the years ’80 that as the setting, so central to the online mode in the style of GTA Online.

This mode allow us to play the entire campaign with friends of their own crew, without separated by the sub-fund is a single-player title.

The protagonist would still not have a name defined, but these origins are hispanic, it would start as a drug dealer between Liberty City and Vice City.

grand theft auto vi gta vi

The villain is called “The Mexican” and would be inspired by the Anton Chigurh of “No country for old men” the Coen brothers, played in the film by Javier Bardem.

Among the characters there would also be a undercover agent of the FIB (the “FBI” of the GTA), you infiltrerebbe in the mob of players to try to attach them.

Clearly, for now, we can add that it is a simple and non-verifiable rumor, so take all this material with the proverbial pliers.

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