GTA 6: more details are emerging on the new chapter of the saga Rockstar

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Grand Theft Auto is definitely one of the sagas in gaming the most popular in the world, for which the impatience for the not-yet-announced sixth chapter is palpable.

Therefore continue undeterred to the rumors about GTA 6, title is expected for the next-generation console in addition to PC. According to a source that is not official, the game will allow us to discover different cities in different historical periods. The protagonist, according to rumors, it will be a pusher that moves in the field of drugs in the cities of Liberty City and Vice City in the 70′.

A further jump in time will take place with the put in prison of our protagonist, and lo and behold, once out, will be in the 80′.


GTA 6 should also offer a co-op, while the villain of the game will be known as “The Mexican”.

Of course, the official information on the game at the moment does not exist, so you have to take these rumors are not confirmed with the pliers.

What do you think?

Source: Gamerant


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