Frostpunk has a date on the PS4 and Xbox One

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In April, 11 Bit Studios has announced that the strategic Frostpunk, initially launched for PC in 2018, would be published for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the course of the summer with the name of Frostpunk: Console Edition.

Now, it has been made known the exact release date for the title in question, a bit more in there than we thought.

Frostpunk: Console Edition will arrive on consoles fromOctober 11, 2019. In the meantime, it was also released a new trailer which you can find conveniently just below.

In Forstpunk you need to ensure the survival of a company where the heat is of vital importance, and each decision has a price to pay. In a world that is completely frozen, some people develop steam technology is able to combat the cold is more extreme.

We will have the task of building the last city on the face of the Earth, and to make sure that the citizens survive.

You will find in each case the review and all the information related to the game in our card.


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