Fortnite: new release date for the patch 10.10, that’s when there will be offline the server

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Now as you well know, the update to version 10.10 of Fortnite Battle Royal would have had to go out this morning but due to some technical problems, not better specified, has been postponed to near the time of its publication.

If you are then between the players of the battle royale eager to discover what new information you hide in the next update, know that you’ll have to wait just a few hours. At 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, 14 August 2019, the server Fortnite Real Battle will go offline, and you’ll start to start to download the patch on PC, console and smartphone. Epic Games has not yet announced what time the game server will be back online, but the maintenance should last a maximum of a couple of hours. It is still unclear what are the novelties of this update, and the same screen of the news of the game does not contain any clue about what awaits us tomorrow.

It is not ruled out that among the main new features of version 10.10, there are the arrival of your Package Red Strike of Fortnite in-game shop, and a new “bubble” in the style of the City Spires on the map of the game.

Waiting to find out everything, remember that the developers of battle royale have not recommended the use of Fortnite Pocket Manager, an app that could be dangerous for the security of your data.


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