Empire of Sin, the version Switch will not be a simple porting

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In June this year, John Romero and Brenda Romero have signed the Empire of Sin, coming for the Nintendo Switch during the next year.

The title will have a strong setting in the style of the gangster and will be published by Paradox Interactive.

Now Romero, in an interview with GamesIndustry, he explained that the version Switch will not be a port, and the works are taking place hand in hand compared to the other versions of the game.

The official statement reads: ‘transports players into the ruthless world of crime in the Chicago prohibition of the ’20s, where they will have to use a combination of charm and intimidation to climb the hierarchies of the underworld. The compelling story of this title is tinged with noir allows players to see a different side of the roaring and glitzy ’20s: that of organized crime.’

The game will arrive in the spring of 2020.


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