Dr. Mario World has grossed $ 1.4 million in its first month, the download a quota of 7.5 million

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Dr. Mario World was able to accumulate $ 1.4 million in its first month and has been downloaded 7.5 million times.

Dr. Mario World is the latest title mobile published by Nintendo. Based on the classic games Dr. Mario, the title is a puzzle game in which players must destroy the viruses by lining up capsules of the medicines are similar in color.

Sensor Tower has collected the updated information related to the first month of the game.

Compared to the other titles, mobile of Nintendo, Dr. Mario World has the gross revenue is the lowest in the first month compared to the other five titles mobile of the great No Fire Emblem Heroes has scored a total of 67,6 million in its first month. The mobile game Animal Crossing, which is the second game for cash receipts the lower of Nintendo, has earned 13.6 million dollars.

However, Dr. Mario World was able to be downloaded more times than Dragalia Lost, a mobile game developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo. Dragalia has a population of only 1.6 million downloads in its first month. The low number of downloads for Dragalia may be linked to the fact that the game was not released in all countries for some time. Dragalia was able to collect 26.4 million in its first month, far more than the 1.4 million Dr. Mario World.


Japan accounted for 55 percent of the revenue of the Dr. Mario World, while the United States accounted for just 33 percent of their revenue. However, the United States has provided the largest number of downloads; the game has been downloaded about 2.6 million times in the USA.

Apparently, the game if the passes very well, the debut has certainly not been the best with only 100,000 dollars earned at launch.

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Source: Sensor Tower.


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