Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Luke Smith talks about the future of the game and of the incoming news

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By now, a few weeks at the beginning of the Year 3 of Destiny 2 with the debut of the Shadows from the Deep, but the news for the shooter weblog Bungie will begin to arrive as early as next week with the launch of cross-save.

As promised a few days ago, the first part of the long, long post Luke Smith , has finally arrived on the official website of the software house, and, giving him a look, it is already possible to discover some of the elements that will be manipulated in the near future. It begins with the speak of the system of Irandthree of the Landmark, which now boasts too many activities can provide the player with Engrams Powerful. We don’t know how, but for sure in the Year 3 we will not have so many weekly activities, with rewards powerful, and it is not clear if their drop will be smaller or you will proceed directly to a cut net.

Also the difficulty seems to be a theme that is very dear to Bungie, since in the last few months have sprung up a lot of builds that, with the right combination of equipment and skills, allow you to “melt away” the boss with a simplicity that is embarrassing, eliminating the difficulty of the game. Then there will be magazines of some types of weapons, the way in which it is possible to multiply the amount of damage inflicted, and any exotic too strong. Without too many words, in fact, Smith said they regretted having entered in the game the Whisper of the Worm with those specific perk, and that the campaign of Destiny 2 “Vanilla” was too simple.

For what concerns the constant arrival of new content, it seems that the Seattle firm finds it hard to submit content on a regular basis with the Season Pass and create a system of loot that is always new as seen in Year 2 is no longer feasible. It is therefore likely that in Year 3 of Destiny 2 can get a single system for all seasons the resume as seen with the glass, element very appreciated both by the players and by the developers.

As mentioned some time ago, Bungie needs to handle a large amount of data with Destiny 2, and may in time be forced to cut back on something. One of these cuts could involve Gambling and, more specifically, one of the two modes. In any way, in fact, the developers will try to figure out which of the Classic mode and those who will be the favorite of the players, so keep it and discard the other.

Not is missed then some reference to the new system of Everversum, the microtransactions are of great help to the team (the skins of the Whisper have funded the creation of Zero Hour!), and the new interface of the assignments. Next October will separate the sizes and companies and PC players will be able to reach the screen with the press of a button. Even the shop Tess will have a screen in the menu of Destinations, to simplify a bit the access to his store.

At this point, there is nothing to do but wait for the second and last post of the jedi, Luke Smith, in which we will deal especially Super.


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