Borderlands 3: the early postcards of the Athenas, the alien planet the most mysterious of the series

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The new astronomical coordinates given to us by Gearbox Software to allow us to observe in detail the biomes of Athenas, one of the many alien planets that are the backdrop to the explosive adventure of the vault Hunters of Borderlands 3.

The images and scenes of gameplay, immortalized by the developers to follow Randy Pitchford show us the settings very evocative, with villages that carve their way through a landscape of the mountains, and fortresses, stylistically inspired by the art andarchitecture of the japanese.

The pacific aspect of these scenarios, the aliens will be, however, only apparent: the ancient temples of the Order of the Upcoming Storm, wrapped in the fog of Athenas, in fact, have attracted droves of marauders and criminals willing to depredarne the treasures and to discover their innermost secrets. The world of Athenas will thus l’setting the most enigmatic of the whole shooter series Borderlands, both in terms of purely playful (among the relics recoverable on Athenas there will also be powerful Weapons Eridiane?) that, hopefully, the narrative, with the different missions of the main campaign set among the pagodas of this microcosm of the digital.

The launch of Borderlands 3, scheduled for September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it will be possible to explore three different regions of Athenas, i.e. the Square of Storms and The Regrets of Dido and The Cell: the rich support post-launch promessoci by Gearbox, could multiply the number of zones that free-roaming visited this and other alien worlds in the nearby Pandora.


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