Apex Legends Only: leaked online the video of the event on the Iron Crown

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After having announced the opening in the late afternoon today, Tuesday, August 13, the authors of Respawn Entertainment is preparing to launch the new event of Apex Legends, which will introduce the mode Solos, as we can easily guess while watching the movie launch of the Iron Crown leaked on the network.

Those who decide to participate in the new ingame activity that will take place from 13 to 27 August, will enrich the collection of customization items for your Legend favorite with new skins exclusive to all the heroes of the battle royale of Electronic Arts.

In the movie been leaked in the network, we can thus observe the skin Call to Arms of Gibraltar, and Judge Jury Executioner of Lifeline, Captain Bamboozle Mirage, War Machine, Pathfinder, The Warrior Empress of Wattson, the Protector of the Void Wraith and The Centurion of the Bloodhound.

L’event for the Iron Crown , which will see players make the grid on the map of Kings Canyon on your own, without having the possibility of forming a team of three Legends: it will therefore be interesting to understand how you will involve the users more fans in the choice of the character to interpret. Counted to participate in the new event of the Season 2 of Apex Legends? Please let us know with a comment, but not before admiring the new skin of Bloodhound unlockable during the Iron Crown.


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