As reported by a member of the community of ResetEra, on the dashboard, the Xbox One user would have appeared the image of the Devil May Cry 5 among the titles coming soon in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass.

Confirmation of the leak, the user of ResetEra has decided to publish a photo that depicts, in fact, the dashboard of the Xbox One with the image that anticipates thearrival of DMC 5 in the subscription service of Microsoft. The indiscretion, as we can easily guess, has sparked the immediate reaction of the other members of the forum for video gaming, without, however, to find confirmation from any other user of the community.

In spite of the house of Redmond has recently announced the new round of games scheduled to arrive in the Game Pass by mid-August, the vertices of the division Xbox Microsoft may have in store for us of the big surprises in the next edition of the Gamescom. As already announced, in fact, to the hours of 17:00 Italian – Monday, August 19, will be broadcast from the stand of the fair of Cologne, a special episode of Inside Xbox, during which they could be revealed the new video games in the playroom digital Game Pass.

Waiting to understand how it will evolve the matter, we would like to remind those who follow us, thanks to Devil May Cry 5 and other masterpieces such as Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter World, Capcom has obtained revenues sensational in the first half of 2019.