The work on the next-gen continues, and, waiting for new details on Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5, the director of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is back on the issue, explaining on the pages of the Famitsu magazine which are the aspects on which the new generation should focus on. According to David Cage, you will have to focus primarily on new lighting technologies, to make the games more realistic: according to Spencer, you must be careful also and above all to improve the game experience, not only in its aesthetics.

According to Spencer, it is essential to feel that the games are “beautiful play”, in addition to see. To do so, he explained to the magazine, you will need to focus on ensuring that the latency and frame rate improved, making it more “smooth” and smooth the gaming experience.

Certainly, many games would benefit from a breakthrough in these two characteristics, more than not improve with a transition from 1080p to 4K or 8K. We will see, however, what can we expect the future of gaming on the console.

In the last few hours, we talked about the topic, because EA said ” looking forward to the arrival of the new hardware, which is already working. Sony, meanwhile, believes that having opened the curtain on the design of its future PlayStation 5 have slowed sales of the PS4.