The Surge 2, the sequel to the action-RPG di Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive, will give players a partition uncompromising and dynamic combat on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting from September 24. In the trailer released today, you will discover new weapons, environments, enemies, bosses, and new moves that will make for a more compelling combat system. There will still be more challenges to deal with, equipment to steal and upgrade, and lots of threats that survive.

Back to the iconic and frenetic style of play of The Surge that offers a single system for the dismemberment of the limbs of the enemies, ensuring dynamic combat, rewarding and memorable. Explore new environments and bigger and more live – Jericho City is a location with a huge, chock-full of secret passages, buildings, factions, friends, enemies, and boss terrifying.

You will find abandoned buildings, and crumbling near lush parks which have now become fertile ground for the raids of the nanomachines. As you face this nightmare, you will get TechScrap and pieces of equipment in smashing enemies and using their limbs on your exo-rig.

TheSurge2 Artwork nologo

While the plague of nanomachines continues to consume Jericho City, new horrendous mutations, the man-machine infest the streets, where gangs, government and religious zealots vie for control of the most precious of the city. Arm yourself, try to survive this chaos, and trionfate in The Surge 2 starting from the 24th of September.