Kaname Fujioka, and the authors of Capcom engaged in the development of Monster Hunter World fly to Hong Kong to attend the latest edition of the Animation-Comic-Game and show it to the public in the event the videogame of the new scenes of gameplay of the long awaited expansion Iceborne.

The different chunks of the game taken during the keynote, the chinese allow us to become familiar with the secondary characters that animate the markets of Seliana, the Hub of the new, gigantic area of the Expanses Brinose, and with Hunters who will follow us in the battle against creatures incredibly dangerous as Glavenus and Tigrex.

You can admire the new scenes of gameplay taken from Iceborne in the long movie recorded during the ACGHK 2019, which stands at the beginning of the article by jumping to the minutes from 22:42 to 25:00 (Hub for Hunters Seliana), from 26:58 to 36:17 (for hunting Glavenus) and from 39:45 to 49:56 (for the hunt Tigrex).

The last number that will certainly be known to old and new fans of the Monster Hunter World is the one associated with the date of 6 September, i.e. the day when you can finally immerse ourselves in the adventures and in the endgame of the expansion of the Iceborne on PS4 and Xbox One. For the launch of the version of the MHW Iceborne destined to the user PC, instead, we will have to wait until the winter, hopefully by the end of 2019.