You that copy with style is in its way a form of art, as well as the greatest form of flattery. In any case, there is a vast difference between taking a cue from the work of others and make a scopiazzatura without stain and without any fantasy.

In the world of video games it often happens that developers influence each other, but unfortunately there have been cases in which the boundary between inspiration and plagiarism is thin beyond measure. So we have a well-thought of making a Special Video collecting the most extraordinary cases of chinese origin, which we were surprised by their boldness, and especially for the quality really low.

Our review begins with the Legend of Titan and Heroes of Warfare, the imitations of low alloy Overwatch. Although they are addressed to the mobile market, developers have had no qualms about copying graphics, game interface, maps and character abilities. Not at all surprising that Blizzard have filed lawsuits against them. Among other things, Overwatch is not the only game to have been imitated: also Hearthstone has its clone, Legend of Crouching Dragon.

The issue has also invested in Nintendo, which has seen its Mario Kart like I in different ways. In times not too far away, we saw the shameless clone Mole Kart for mobile, which uses the same objects, albeit slightly modified, and the same slopes. These above, in each case, are not the only clones worthy of attention. For all others, we invite you to watch the special video in the opening of the news. Good vision!