25 years from the beginning of the saga, the shooter from id Software and Bethesda are preparing to return with DOOM, Eternal, is direct continuation of the reboot of 2016, as well as one of the most eagerly awaited titles of the next season of supernatural.

With these premises, it is not surprising at all that the new chapter of the saga infernal was chosen as absolute protagonist of the annual fan fest in Bethesda, that to celebrate the debut of the european QuakeCon has brought on the showfloor a playable demo of the title. Our Alessandro Bruni, who was present at the event, he had the opportunity to test it and has collected all his impressions in the Video Preview that you can see in the opening of the news.

The formula of the game is a direct evolution of the proposal of the successful DOOM of 2016, a real concentrate of adrenaline and exaltation. The gameplay loop is incredibly addictive, as well as a hymn to the violence: the slaughter of the demons kills the epic allows you to recover health, while opening them in two with your chainsaw provides ammunition for the wide and varied arsenal. A little bit of armor? Just roast them with a flame cannon in the back! All enhanced by a gunplay calibrated to perfection: we had not expected anything different from a team born and grew up in bread and FPS.

DOOM Eternal promises to be a title unforgettable: the output, we recall, is scheduled for November 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo, Switch and Google Staff. For more information, you should read the preview of DOOM Eternal of our Alessandro Bruni. Among our pages you will also find his impressions on the Battlemode multiplayer.