GTA V has not received any expansion in the single-player, despite the success of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony in the predecessor, because of the success of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar Games has admitted candidly to have concentrated their efforts on the portion of the multiplayer, which is updated with a frequency that is impressive, and with content getting larger.

In any case, however, the plans have not always been these and as reported in an article of many in the scene of datamining are aware of how much was in the pipeline in the initial phase of the life of the game.

gta v

Apparently, the programs for the single-player consisted of a redesign of 80 or 90% of the map to cover a specific theme in several episodes.

One of the episodes would have to include a apocalypse zombies, and the map would be changed accordingly; the other would be focused on a shot at a casino in the style of Ocean’s Eleven, using a local unexplored of Los Santos, and so on.

Curiously, however, some of these ideas have been reused for GTA Online, which is certainly not to say that it is wasted of the material. That better?