Xbox Scarlett, Rare is enthusiastic: “infinite possibility”

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In the course of Xbox Showcase special live from the Microsoft Store in London, the head of Rare, Craig Duncan, has said its on Xbox Scarlett, demonstrating a high expectation for the new console of the company, to which it seems downright enthusiastic.

Rare has a particular role within the environment of the first party Microsoft, now that the Xbox Game Studios have expanded considerably with new acquisitions, also of great thickness. The british team has, in fact, the role of experimenting with new game ideas and enjoys considerable freedom in the proposal of new projects to carry forward, which probably allowed the team to explore many features planned for Xbox Scarlett, even though the console is not physically defined yet. “When you’re part of the team of first level and you happen to see things before they are announced, there is always the desire to make of the first assessments of the opportunities offered in the study as Rare in the games,” said Duncan on Xbox Scarlett, in the course of the event.

The head of the Rare has proved decidedly enhanced by the possibilities offered by Xbox Scarlett and xCloud: “I’m excited both as a player and as a developer, as well as the head of a studio, because I think that the opportunities for gaming will be unlimited. It seems that you can go and do the things that we were never able to do before.”


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