With Switch Lite, Nintendo goes for the first time in many years at the console only?

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“Oh no! Another pseudo-study about the Nintendo Switch Lite!” Yes, for the joy of all we talk about for the forty-ninth time in 24 hours Nintendo Switch Lite, the new console presented from the house of Kyoto at the end of a long sequence of rumors that were now certain to be a beautiful piece. We do this for several reasons, of which we want to search in particular three, in the event that you are not fled after the reading of the title: the first is that we are all’11 July, a period that is fairly empty and at a distance of a month from one of the E3 with less news in the last few years, the second is that the topic alternative could be a discussion about the fact that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is or is not an exclusive, but the discussion could easily lead to fights unedifying in the comments below (and by the way spoiler: the popular idea in these parts is that it is only an exclusive period of time, the third reason is that the arrival of a console of this kind has actually of the characters in the historical event for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Lite Confronto

Although it is a company that has always managed a great deal of different versions and revisions of several of their console on the market, sometimes with bizarre results (the different derivations of the “family 3DS” can still create some confusion), in the case of Nintendo Switch Lite what appears to be a simple new model of a console already on the market hides a move of enormous significance for the house of Kyoto, for the first time since the early 90’s in this part is found in fact to focus on a single console. Although the president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, has reported already that the company will continue to support the Nintendo 3DS, the release of the Nintendo Switch can only be used in a mobile configuration, it has all the air of a replacement of the console’s flagship also in relation to portable machines for official to Nintendo, the idea also emerged since the introduction of the Switch, although they are always firmly denied by the executive Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Mini 07

On the other hand, it does not take long to understand the what else: also in the course of the last Direct at E3 2019 has not been presented virtually no significant news for the Nintendo 3DS, while many of the series that have featured in the past few years, especially in the line of handheld game console Nintendo (Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion) are about to land on the Switch. Among these, there is one in which the transition from portable to home-laptop has a symbolic value in this story: Pokémon, Sword and Shield symbolize the most of each other out the idea that Nintendo has decided to focus exclusively on a single console, making it at the same time its stronghold in the field of home and portable. It is clear that Nintendo can not say clearly want to follow this line, given the millions of console family, the Nintendo 3DS placed around the world and sales to be able to register, but the logical consequence is that everything is intended to focus on the hybrid solution.

Nintendo Switch Mini 10

This at least until you will get to the next evolutionary step, that Nintendo is never easily predictable, even in terms of timing: given the success, however, it is possible that the via dell’hybrid, perhaps with a few most important difference in terms of performance between the model that only the portable and the console “flagship” that may become more substantial with possible revisions more Switch up to a true successor. In fact, this seems to be the first time in decades that Nintendo finds itself to focus completely on a single hardware and what consequences are very interesting: just think of the fire power of all of the internal teams and brand in the possession of the company, all concentrated on a single platform to think about the attractive perspectives open for the Nintendo Switch with the mere announcement of a model Lite.


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