Twitter down, problem solution,

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Emerge problems planetary for Twitter, which has hit hard in these hours because of a down is widespread and prolonged in several areas of the world, now in solution.

It is not the first time that happens and in these last days connection problems with Twitter and other social networks have been particularly popular, perhaps as a result of the attacks resolved even if the matter is not yet clear, but similar problems have been addressed by Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook these days. A little before 22:00 , there have been many reports of incidents relating to Twitter popular among the United States and Europe, in particular in the coastal areas of the USA and central europe, according to the map of the surveys of down spread in the minutes past. From 22:00 onwards, the problem seems to be progressively disappeared with the messaging service that has started to work a little bit everywhere.

Some detail has emerged from a message released by the official account of media of Twitter, subsequently, to down spread, which apparently was an interruption due to a change in the system , which obviously has caused a problem in the way of total solution.


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