The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, a felt “in the dark”

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It’s always nice, after years of coming sballonzolati among the nations as a gift, finding themselves to be part of an event worthy despite the short length. We know that many of our readers the fact of travel, free of charge, for the world seems a beautiful thing – and many times it is, we dare not deny it – but be aware that a good 80% of our shipments is comparable to a visit to the office: you wait some time at the gate, then taxi, location, trial, and return, without the possibility of focusing on the nearby (or, even, a time even to dwell on the game for good). And is “work”, for the divine love, it is not even the case of always expect favorable treatment; however, it happens that a company is making the effort to make things fun, well organized, and everyone will earn. It was the case of Bandai Namco with the last presentation of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan: a game that was too far away from the spotlight – because of the many outputs heavy planned for the end of the year – and that we ourselves had overlooked, expecting a production too similar to the one that’Until Dawn, the Supermassive Games had made them to know, despite the change of publisher. The event is in fact able to make us change idea, and not just for the presence of some unexpected extra activities in line with the game treaty (we were stuck in the dark in an engine room of an old ship with people dressed up as zombies came from every where, just to make us die of a heart attack during and after the test), and for the opportunity to try a new, interesting addition: the multiplayer. Intrigued? Then come and visit us in the darkness of this title, because for fans of horror, there might be more meat to the fire than expected.

Points of view

Our test is open finally at the start of the adventure, with an introduction set in the past, and designed to present the large military ship where a good part of the campaign takes place. It is treated to an introductory phase of a few minutes, not devoid of clichés from the horror of the old style and the gameplay is rather simplistic, but enormously enhanced by the co-operative mentioned above, with a player in another room of the boat where the event was being organised which could not in any way feel the reactions. The ability to play Man of Medan with a mate is, after all, a very well-studied and related to the gameplay, so much so that in the prologue – in the role of one of two american soldiers – some of the events are directly affected by the actions of the other user; the reading of our future from a seer, for example, is interrupted due to a failure of a mini-game on the part of our partners, with consequences that are unfathomable for the following chapters. During the first few bars of the influences from the immediate to not notice so much, because of the linearity of the events; however, when the ball goes to Alex and the characters increase, the actions of those who accompanies you gain more and more weight, and things are much more unpredictable.

Man Of Medan 05

On the other hand, in Man of Medan, the protagonists are many, and like Until Dawn, the wrong choice can lead to the premature demise of each of them. The multiplayer adds a extra layer to the title, making the players completely in the dark about certain events of the various chapters: in one phase of the game, so to speak, certain characters are underwater to explore a shipwreck while others are quietly drift on a small boat, and the exchange of information from one and the other part are somewhat limited. It is difficult to say to what extent these uncertainties can improve the narrative, but we must admit that not knowing what the other player chooses to do, sharpens the tension to a great start, and it was stated multiple times by developers as a Man of Medan to contain a quantity of developments of a plot that is huge compared to its direct predecessor.

Clearly, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, or insane (or perhaps in some cases to favour them) the cooperative is to be used only with people in your friends list, but to further increase the usability group has been included an extra mode called Movie Night, which allows you to play in a group with only one pad and a clear vision of the multiple choices available at every junction. That is absolutely not comparable to the mystery of the cooperative or of the experience of a single, which we found much more appropriate to the general structure, and yet there is still a smart addition, to make it feel even more close to that of a filmone horror interactive top-level. Of course, if we talk about “filmone interactive” is because, once again, the Supermassive have clear ideas, and don’t want to create an experience that is heavily based on the quicktime event and the player’s skill: Man of Medan, point to accessibility, and is intended to be entertainment for all, while maintaining the usual formula without any major changes to the mechanics. If nothing else, who buys it knows exactly what to expect.

Man Of Medan 06

Despite the beautiful idea of the co-op to hold up the production, and the usual production values of the cast is well-selected, and there are actors all over as Shawn Ashmore in the title usually will be the narrative to make the title really of value or just a good interactive movie. Until Dawn he ups and downs, but The Dark Pictures wants to be a saga with multiple episodes of long duration, and already a Man of Medan seems to boast a care impressive in the characterization of protagonsiti and in the ramifications of the plot, as well as some interesting surprises related to secrets and premonitions , hidden in the various chapters, and a charismatic narrator that gives the players a sort of “assessment” during the various acts. In short, though conscious of the presence of the possibility that everything degenerates badly in the second step (it is still a horror movie that draws on elements of pre-existing, and we know that this sometimes leads to disaster), we enjoyed it really much during the first few hours, and we are now more curious than ever to know how the story of Alex, Julia, Fliss and company grow. Not missing much.


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