Teppen, the review

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Teppen has a tough challenge to address. The genre of card games is experiencing a time of fatigue in terms of new ideas. Not missing players, but now the economic model that the background is strongly consolidated, and the game designers are struggling to find solutions that do not know already seen. Capcom and GungHo Online have tried to have their say on the topic of launching Teppen, a game of cards with the characters of Capcom as the protagonists, which takes a bit of Hearthstone and a bit of a Clash Royale to try to emerge.

Game mechanics

The game mechanics of Teppen are simple to explain: the player has a certain number of cards drawn randomly from your deck, which will be played on a dashboard divided in three rows. Placed a paper drive on one of the rows, this will then attack the opponent, causing damage in case you cannot find any defense or dealing with the values of the card opponent in the case has been played on the same line. Each paper unit has the values of attack and defense that determine how much you can withstand the blows received and how much damage can cause to single shot. According to the total value of the paper, we will take also more or less time so that it is playable after being extracted from the deck or after playing another card. To make more interesting the game we think the action cards and special techniques of the characters. The action cards must be played on its cards against the opponent’s cards or on the entire dashboard, and produce different effects. For example, can increase the defence of a paper drive, or you can give her a strong boost for a turn at the price of the destruction of the card itself after the attack.

Teppen Artwork Huvsruj

The powers of the characters, which should be loaded by accumulating the points AP, which are earned by playing the other cards are different and can be active, meaning that they can directly affect the opponent, or passive, that is, to give bonuses to your own cards on the board. Wins the game who resets the energy of the opponent, the value of which is always visible on the screen. The characters, eight for now, are not all used immediately, but must be unlocked with their decks basic playing of the mini-campaigns in the single player mode. Let’s say that if does not give you problems to see Chun-Li fighting against Mega Man or Albert Wesker fighting a Rathalos, or even Dante, who confronts Morrigan, it is likely that will be a pleasant couple of hours, also great for practice. Unlocked all the characters the main mode of Teppen however, it becomes one of the challenges against other players in flesh and bones, obviously online, which is also the only way to verify the goodness of the deck that you have.

Teppen 04

In fact, most of the time the game is spent in menus customization of the decks, where you can create cards, swap them and do all the operations typical of the genre. Here also is introduced the economic system, based on the classical packages.

Decidedly pay-to-win

We specify: playing for many, many hours, it is possible to get gold and tickets with where to buy card packs without spending real money, but if you want to become competitive as soon as possible, it is inevitable that recourse to micro-transactions, i.e. the purchase of jewelry valid for the above packages or in the Season Pass seasonal, the latter a harbinger of several advantages such as accumulation was more rapid than experience points and access to special cards, which only in a second moment will be unlockable by everyone. In short, we face a new economic model, typical for the genre of card games, definitely pay-to-win seeing that benefits, and not a little, the spenditori, but that has been proven in several occasions to be the only one which really works. Unfortunately, it is (also) from this comes what is currently the main problem of Teppen, i.e. the imbalances of the decks.

Teppen 06

In the genre of card games is saying that if we can create the best or the worst, but in this case, although the game has been launched a few days ago, are already well established of the solutions adopted as standard by many players, which make it basically unnecessary to the rich variety of cards, and cut out all those that are still building their own deck at a slower pace. So, in a sense, or we adapt or winning becomes impossible, because the game mechanics, extremely rigid, inevitably favor some choices over others. The substance is that the construction phase of the deck is reduced to trying to get the cards needed for the decks most used, of which the codes is already full, then the network (it is the same game that lets you create and share them). From the technical point of view Teppen is very good, between special effects and character models taken weight by the original titles of Capcom. Stylistically it is a bit confusing and, in some occasions, makes the effect haberdashery chinese, with flames and lights sprout everywhere, but there may be seen in the genre, and seen those who developed it.

Teppen 03

Also the soundtrack is in line with the technical side and is formed by the sound effects and songs from the most iconic of the series of the origin of the characters. In short, what would be Ryu without the theme of Ryu?


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