Switch Lite, the peak of growth for the actions of Nintendo after the announcement of the new model

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The official nature of Switch Lite, the new model only laptop unveiled by Nintendo yesterday, seems to have had influences were particularly positive about the actions of the japanese. As reported by the Financial Times, in the day of today is, in fact, recorded a growth of 4.5%, with a maximum peak 41,780 yen: the highest recorded from nine months to this part.

Investors therefore show great optimism towards the new product, which evidently intends to go to catch the younger audience, and families with a price of 100 dollars less than the hybrid model.

“Investors should see the Switch as a way for Nintendo to substantially increase the installed base and extend the lifecycle of the console for years,” said the analyst Serkan Toto of Kantan Games.

Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities has predicted that the deployed unit will be 8.5 million during the current fiscal year and 11.5 million in the following year, defining Switch Lite as “the right product at the right time”.

For a complete analysis of the features of the Nintendo Switch Lite we suggest you take a look at our special, created by Alessandro Wand.


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