Steam Labs: Valve launches new experimental features for tips, trailers and presentations

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Valve has launched a program called Steam Labs, aims to add new and interesting functionality to Steam can improve the visibility and navigation between products in the catalog.

Steam Labs will be in continuous evolution, so presumably the additions that will grow from time to time but everything will start with three new features are already in testing: Micro Trailers, Interactive Recommender and Automated Show. Micro Trailers, as the name suggests, produces trailer for the short compounds by a few seconds of animation, able to compose a sort of a micro-presentation of the games, beyond the trailer that can be seen in the official pages of the individual games. The Interactive Recommender, or “model recommendation” of Steam, instead, it uses machine learning to provide advice and tips on new games to purchase based on the preferences of individual users, in terms of the wish list and titles the most played.

The Automated Show is also a system for the automatic creation of the video, but in this case, is built a long video of about half an hour, with several recent titles included in the Steam catalog, which is created according to the algorithms of the site. Unlike the Interactive Recommender, Micro Trailers and Automated Show are not based on the data collected according to the preferences of the player, but Valve specifies, however, that everything is done in the maximum respect of the privacy, also with various options for further customization of the experience. It is, in any case, functionality is still being tested through Steam Labs, with likely future evolutions.


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