Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, size revealed by the FCC certification?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in the moment in which we write is a mystery: Samsung unveils details, images and all the information that you need to know only on the 7th of August 2019, the day of the official presentation of the android smartphone top of the range. Luckily in the meantime there is a leak.

One of the most recent would have revealed the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 , and it would be a leak to take special consideration, because the certification official Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ at the FCC. In detail, the width of the android smartphone will be 77,6 mm, the height of 162.5 mm; these data seem to match well with the display by 6.7 inches.

Other data would have revealed the diagonals of the display, the first of 177,8 mm (taken into account of the screen in all its grandeur), the second of 170,1 mm (taking into account only the flat surface, with no curved edges). Here we present theimage leak from the FCC certification of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Certificazione Leak 1


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