PlayStation Store: Dragon Quest Builders 2 and They Are Billions

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The PlayStation Store is the protagonist of a new update that carries on the digital platform Sony’s various outputs, is of great interest, especially for fans of indie productions. The highlight of the week, however, is Dragon Quest Builders 2 (59,99€): new episode of the series, Square Enix, the game puts us in the shoes of a skilled Builder who, after some adventures, finds himself on the island of Monzola. It is a place full of resources, but also of the many pitfalls, inhabited by people of the myths in search of help: our mission will be to provide support, using the mechanical construction and the elements survival belonging to the well tested formula of Dragon Quest Builders. The developers have, however, thought it a good idea to fine-tune many aspects of the experience, and so we find an interface that is better organized, and legible, as well as some interesting news on the front of the gameplay, such as the introduction of farming and the management of water courses. The system is solid and fun, spiced by the presence of a co-op multiplayer mode for four participants, which allows you to tackle the adventure alone or with friends.

They Are Billions, New Star Manager, and SolSeraph

They Are Billions (24,99 euro) is a disturbing strategic game set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity is reduced to a few thousand survivors, who live in colonies, duly protected. From what? From the rest of the population, made up of billions of zombies. Their advance is relentless, so to stop them in their tracks you will need to better manage their resources and place the right unit in the defence of the stations, in the optical maps generated via a procedural system, and the hordes that they can count on something such as twenty enemies at the same time on the screen. The tactic takes fortunately, the connotations of the most peaceful in the New Star Manager (16,99 euro), new episode of the series management created by Simon Read, which was a great success among critics and the public. In the role of a skilled coach, you will have to take in hand the New Star FC, a football team in disarray, and manage the various aspects of management to bring it back to the top.

PlayStation Store: Dragon Quest Builders 2 e They Are Billions

To this end, we will have the opportunity to control every single aspect of the simulation, from training to contracts with the sponsors, by members of the staff to the players, to finally get to schedule the match between training module, strategies and even speeches of encouragement. We speak in short of a title that fans of the genre would do well to keep an eye on. Arriving this week on PlayStation Store, SolSeraph (€14.99), the latest title developed by Ace Team and produced by SEGA, that looks like a fascinating mix of mechanical and strategic in the style of tower defense and action two-dimensional. Projected in a hostile world, full of monsters that want to destroy our settlements, we will have to place towers and stations, defense that can stop the advance of enemies and face a first-person certain opponents.

The other outputs

  • Pic-a-Pix Color 2 (7,99 euros), the new episode of the series puzzles, visual style, Picross.
  • Penn & Teller VR: FU, U, U & U (19,99 euros), colorful title for a real simulator of the magic tricks in virtual reality for use with the viewer of the PlayStation VR.
  • Focus on You (39,99 euro), which is a sophisticated dating sim in the virtual reality in which we will relive the memories of a teenage love, a native of the classroom.
  • Pool Nation (23,99 euro with 30% discount for subscribers to PlayStation Plus), one of the simulators of reference for lovers of billiards, equipped with numerous modes that include challenges in single player and in multiplayer.
  • Bouncy Bullets (4.99 euros), a first-person shooter set in a world that is cartoonish and colorful, embellished with graphics in cel shading.
  • Grass Cutter – Mutated Lawns (6,99 euro), an action puzzler in which you will have to take care to cut the grass of gardens ever larger and more complex, but attention to some unexpected threats.


The Promotion of the Week puts this at a discount Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the second episode of the series Ubisoft that projects us in an apocalyptic scenario where society has been ravaged by the spread of a virus and the survivors have to contend with the troops of terrorism, pointing to the conquest of what remains of the world. The agents of the Division stand, therefore, in defence of the weak, in a new experience / shooter game with RPG elements and a narrative engaging. You can take home the game in the mid – price: 34,99 € instead of 69,99 for the standard edition, a 49.99 euro instead of 99.99 for the Gold Edition or 59,99 euros instead of 119,99 for the Ultimate Edition.

There are also games Offers of July, with a new delivery of discounts on various titles. For example, we have A Plague, The: Innocence, the addictive adventure Asobo Studio, which was set during the spread of the black plague in Europe, a 34,99 € instead of 49,99; or the complete season of Life is Strange 2 to 29,99 euros instead of 39,99. South Park: Battles-Righteous, the fun RPG based on the animated series of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is via to 19.99 euros instead of 59,99, while the charming survival post-apocalyptic Fade to Silence can be bought for 35,99 euros instead of 59,99. Include in the promotion are also some of the episodes of the Yakuza, the excellent action series by SEGA, for example, Yakuza Kiwami 2 to 19.99 euros instead of 49,99 and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life to 24.99 euros instead of 59,99.


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