One Piece: here is the protagonist of the new spin-off

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Continues the long history of One Piece , but apparently there is also room for further examination secondary, with a possible spin-off in arrival based on the world created by Eiichirō Oda, and in particular, one of the characters from the original cast.

According to reports from various sources such as the voices of the corridor, gathered in particular from the Comicbook, there seems to be a spin-off in production that focuses on Games Zoro, one of the main characters of the story of One Piece, a founding member of the Straw Hat crew as well as the first to join Monkey D. Luffy in his long quest from the pirates.

With her look from the samurai in the style of the ronin occidentalizzante, Zoro has always been one of the favorite characters in the universe of One Piece and, therefore, a candidate is particularly strong to make the protagonist inside of a spin-off of the series. There was still no comment from Shueisha or Eiichirō Oda about it, but according to the information that run on the net it seems that the author of the new sub-series on Zoro is Boichi, designer Korean who has worked previously in various works including Dr. Stone, and Origin.

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