Oculus Rift, official website now available to the viewer

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The spy thriller official website has been added to the catalogue of the Oculus Rift , starting from today. The title has attracted the attention of many enthusiasts, coming also in the list of games for the VR the most anticipated 2019 PC Gamer.

With close combat, chases, interrogations close together, and the joints at the edge of the incredible – like driving a car out of a plane at high altitude – official website intends to exploit in the best way what virtual reality has to offer.

“Once we got used to work with the locomotion system free-roaming, we started to look for ways to overcome the limits of comfort of the player and help him to control the action. At the beginning we have tried several solutions that have not worked, but towards the end of the project, we were fairly confident of our ability to move the player in ways that are crazy that we never imagined were possible when we started,” said game director Dan Bullock.

“During the development of the game, the team met regularly to discuss the flow of the gameplay for each level and how to implement it in all aspects. Often the whole team has done great laughter during these meetings because of the ideas exaggerated, that came out as you found new ways to increase the chance of action. The best part is that many of these ideas are later to become part of the game, so we’re eager to see what you think.”

The developers claim to be satisfied with the response given by the community and say they enjoy the wide range of feedback received during the development of the official website. “We really hope that the fans feel an experience of espionage action super cool, unlike anything I have ever seen before, especially for the price, set at 19,99 €”.


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