No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, the game could already be considered complete at launch

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No Man’s Sky has already changed a lot since launch, especially with the introduction of full-bodied updates as a Foundation, and NEXT.

However, it is not over yet, given that by the summer is expected the arrival of the Beyond, yet another update for free which will feature previously unpublished, among which is the support of virtual reality and multiplayer. In spite of the constant improvements being made by Hello Games, Sean Murray has recently observed that the work could be considered as a complete already at its debut on the market.

“If we think of what we wanted to achieve, to launch No Man’s Sky was largely complete. I would have killed just to have a bit more time to work on it,” said Murray during an interview with PCGamesN, however, highlighting that, from his point of view, the game was already able to convey the right emotions.

“Very few games make you feel a sense of awe or wonder. Not always, but sometimes I felt that we were able to touch these strings. So I was really happy, I knew that the game would have been a bit polarizing, but it was really unique. I had not really seen something like this before.”

Murray then added, of being happy to have brought on board more fans, and that despite everything, there was still so much potential and much work to do. With respect to the support, the british author said that the study continues to be “creatively inspired” by the game, and therefore there could be more innovations on the horizon even after the publication of the next update.


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