Nintendo Switch Pro is not going to come in the course of 2019

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Nintendo has excluded the arrival of Switch Pro in the course of the current year, following the presentation of the Switch-Lite happened in the day yesterday. Any premium model would not be expected to arrive on the market before 2020.

As confirmed by Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America – the microphones CNET, Switch Lite will be the only new hardware Nintendo Switch to be provided for the upcoming christmas season.

As we know some of the internal components of the standard model that currently exists will be changed, introducing a change in the SoC, the NAND memory, and CPU. The house of Kyoto could adopt the new Tegra from NVIDIA, replacing the old to make thehardware more competitive. Nevertheless, this update will not be interpreted as a true upgrade of the machine.

To examine all the features of the Nintendo Switch Lite will remind you of our special, curated by Alessandro Wand.


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