Nintendo Switch Lite, the price is not a convincing retailers: there is little difference with the standard model

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According to what was reported by some insiders, many dealers would have complained about the price of Switch Lite, to be fixed by Nintendo for the european market.

As it has emerged in the last few hours, through the lists of GameStop Italy, the new edition of the only portable console will be sold in our territories for an amount equal to 219,98 € in three classic colours (yellow, grey and turquoise). The custom template to theme Pokémon Sword and Shield – renamed Zacian & Zamazenta – will be available for 229,98 euro.

According to the entries of the last few hours, the retailer would not have appreciated the price range chosen by the japanese company, mainly by virtue of the fact that with the current offers available on the market it is often possible to bring home the standard model of the console at a price of 299 euros.

Here you can find our video analysis related to the technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch Lite, and the hardware revision of the standard model, edited by Pierpaolo Greco. What do you think? The price of the Nintendo Switch Lite is too high in relation to what it offers? Scrivetecelo in the comments below!


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