Nintendo Switch Lite, the official price revealed by GameStop Italy

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GameStop Italy has revealed the official prices of Nintendo Switch Lite, fortunately lower than those leaked this morning from Amazon Spain.

The standard model of the console will cost, in fact, 219,98€, while the custom theme Pokémon Sword and Shield 229,98€. we imagine that the latter will be the price for all the special editions of the console, but on this we will update you from time to time.

Prices Nintendo Switch Lite:

  • Nintendo Switch for Light, standard Model – 219,98€
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – Zacian & Zamazenta – 229,98€

This morning, Amazon Spain had shown a price significantly greater for Nintendo Switch Lite, that is 239€, fortunately, not confirmed for our country. 219€ are more and more of the$ 199 price USA, but make it more convenient Nintendo Switch Lite compared to the standard version, net of any offer.


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