While the japanese Nishikori prepares to challenge Roger Federer at Wimbledon, three years and 364 days after the death of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo presents itself to the world Switch Lite, the portable version of its latest console. Doug Bowser, president of the american division of the company, holds us to clarify that it will not replace the 3DS. Well, you decide to a little if you believe his words or to the facts: from here to march 2020 will come out on the Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion, the episode’s main Pokémon, Animal Crossing. All the brands that gave their maximum on the 3DS, then on a portable console, and that now they will have their sequels on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite 08

Returning for a moment to Satoru Iwata, who today has left us for four years (as you may have guessed from the incipit of the article, we hope), it should be highlighted that as we had been warned of the possible existence of Nintendo Switch Lite, even to the presentation of the project, which at the time was called the NX. The president of Nintendo had suggested a generic comparison with the Apple, alluding to the possibility, for a set of different systems, play the same software. And we had also suggested that maybe the platforms, rather than decrease, and could even increase: otherwise, it is not unreasonable to arrival, perhaps with the result of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or with the fantasy to Metroid Prime and a Pro edition that, by now, is a family of systems. Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive on the twenty September 2019, and the United States will cost $ 199.99: is it possible that in Europe arrivals to 199,99 Euro, far more likely to suffer a slight price increase (as it happened, the rest, the original version) and reach 230 Euro. Indeed, of the 229,99.

Does that make sense?

That this would be the year the portable Nintendo Switch we go ripetendovelo for months, not that it takes particular skills, augur, the clues were obvious, and in this piece we had anticipated that a portable edition of the platform was a concrete hypothesis. The thought of a sensible move then, and we think a move just as sensible now. Nintendo has always tried, after a few years of life, to give new energy to their own platform through some change/upgrade hardware: the Expansion Pak on the Nintendo 64, the compatibility with the Game Boy Advance to the GameCube, the Motion Plus to the Wii, the amiibo to the Wii U… the pocket-sized version of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite 09

The immense quality of the titles launch, a shooting uninterrupted stream of great games from march to December 2017 (and to think that someone, at the presentation of January, dared to complain), has allowed the japanese company to sell many, many units of the Nintendo Switch. Through software historically associated with the system homemade: The Legend of Zelda (three-dimensional), Splatoon, Super Mario (three-dimensional), and so on. Now is the time to give an acceleration that is lethal, to make Nintendo Switch one of the most sold of the history, a goal far from impossible: an edition of a pocket is what we wanted. Commercially speaking, it is a move sacrosanct. First of all, Nintendo has always dominated the market for portable, unlike a home: is not a field to leave deprived. And the Switch, so far, the covered only in part: it is true that he carries around, but the battery life, size, and especially the price, there are three important elements that, up until twenty September, prevent this system to be the authentic heir of the 3DS. Not to be underestimated is also the factor of resistance, and neither is that of immediacy: the Joy-With are a great idea, and well made, but are components that decrease the safety of a platform (in the hands of the children, of course). Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Animal Crossing, will be desired and wanted by a lot of little: Nintendo could not allow that a hundred dollars separate from this audience, which, it must never be forgotten, and is certainly the most important for the japanese company.

Nintendo Switch Lite Confronto


Nintendo Switch Lite will come in three different colours: turquoise, yellow and gray with white buttons, in opposition to those of the master version or, if you prefer, a hybrid. Will also be a special edition pearly, with Pokémon, Sword, and Shield, all of which perform key cyan, and magenta. The console will be slightly smaller than the current system, may not in any way be connected to the tv, will the battery slightly more durable, and as Joy-With can not be separated from each other, on the contrary, since the Joy-With there will be), will boast a nostalgic, and most lovable, the cross directional. It has the appearance much more baloccante of the original version of the Nintendo Switch: is a traditional console portable, much more compact, much less extravagant.

Nintendo Switch Mini 04

Impossible, however, not to notice the inconsistencies with the concept at the base of the hybrid system. The simple fact of not being able to switch from the portability of the tv makes Lite something very different, that has little to do with the idea that – theoretically – has led to the creation of the Nintendo Switch. You can use the mode from the table, you can, above all, to share the Joy-With to play multiplayer. All the important features, which have been – perhaps surprisingly – appreciated by the buyers. And that have determined those Euros into more than separate, in fact, separate, the normal edition from the Lite. However, as we pointed out already the day after the presentation of the platform, the fundamental concept at the base of the Nintendo Switch is certainly not this. But the unification of the world portable with the fixed one, in particular, from the point of view of the software. The process that is taking place with calm, but that will be in full swing in 2019: for the first time, the episode’s main Pokémon conviverà on the same console as episode main The Legend of Zelda. And if you need more versions of the same platform to attract the players of Nintendo all over the world, real ones and potential ones, then to Kyoto, rightly, do not care about widely of the inconsistencies are conceptual. We leave you with a prediction, perhaps, obvious: it is likely that, in Japan, Lite gives a substantial speed up sales and, consequently, may become the main model of the ecosystem of the Switch, replacing the current one.

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