MSI, the increasing offer gaming company

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A few days ago, we made a detour in Spain, invited by MSI to an event dedicated to the news coming from a company that has been working to strengthen its position in the gaming sector and, in this perspective, he has all the intention to support the new AMD CPU at full strength. They are a clear testimony motherboards such as the MEG X570 GODLIKE, the ACE and the Prestige Creation, luxury models are presented along with the classical versions as the Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi, MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi and the MPG X570 Gaming Plus. All seasoned with houses, laptops, and other products for so-called content creator, users often combine the game with animation, photography, design and other activities that require high computing power and the screens of the professional level.

Msi X570 Ryzen

A gaming compani that also looks at the content creator

During the conference, the Spanish guys MSI have retraced the path made by the company in gaming, from the first products up to the more recent ones. Let’s talk about mice, keyboards and monitors that meet in a department entirely dedicated to Computing & Display (CND), a new sector of the company dedicated to PC All-in-One, Mini PC, desktop from the game as the popular Trident, houses full of light up fans, motherboards, and even chairs from the game. Everything you need to take a further step forward in the transformation of the company into a gaming company, with less products, which fell to 30% of global production, and more unique products, arrived as a result of 70%, among which we can find in the gaming laptop, a segment in which MSI has exceeded 1.2 million units sold in 2018, and the pre-game high-end the segment by more than one thousand dollars, which sees the models MSI excel. This is a portion of the total market of desktop of this type, but it is also a growth segment in an industry, that of PC, overall, in decline. To decline, however, are the solutions of the office, while the game does not lose a shot and are also growing in the field of the monitor can see the MSI take the title of company with the fastest growing in the world of the screens from the game, committed to 360 degrees in the field of curved panels for high-refresh of the now series Optix. And among these, in addition to the MAG321CURV that brings the philosophy Optix in the field of 4K, there are also new MPG technology with SteelSeries GameSense integrated through five-bar LEDS on the front that can be used to provide guidance on health, safety, ammunition, and kills, reducing the need of a HUD in the screen, and by adding something tasty to the monitor as the MPG27CQ2 and the MPG341CQR, an ultrawide with HDR 4000, resolution 3400X1440 and smart room that can detect the presence of the user, at the same time providing environmental data and climate.

Optix Mpg341Cqr

Instead points to the extreme speed the Oculux G-Sync NXG252R, with 240Hz, 0.5 milliseconds response time and look sober, even if still equipped with lighting Mystic Light, a constant that marks the total dedication to the gaming and to build colorful that belong without doubt more to this segment, and to the professional. Not the case change the whole aesthetic is dedicated by MSI to the content creator, even if we talk about of products that can be used without problems to fully enjoy certain types of gaming. The Prestige P100, accompanied on the showflor Spanish from the monitor 5K IPS with Nano technology Color Prestige PS341WU, is thought to accommodate a small white shell, with a lighting golden to embellish the edges of the front plate, up to a Core i9-9900K, with up to 64GB of memory overclocked and up to a GeForce RTX 2080 You. Not bad for a product that shows how the philosophy of Trident may work in a space even more narrow, thanks to two large grates on the side plates, which ensure availability of fresh air just a few millimeters away from the CPU, psu and GPU, which is not oriented vertically for aesthetic appeal. But all this, as the mouse Clutch GM11, Headphones Immersed and keyboards Vigor, l0 we already knew, unlike the custom models of MSI of Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT, presented during the event.

Msi Periferiche

GPU, special houses, and even chairs gaming

MSI boasts important numbers in the field on the GPU, in good part the result of a long partnership with NVIDIA, which is quite evident even only by the several assemblies of the company are equipped with GeForce RTX VENTUS. But there is a strong link also with Radeon and dates back to before AMD bought ATI. And it is a tie with the Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT takes the form of seven models divided in RX 5700 RX 5700XT. In both cases we find the Air Boost, a version virtually identical to the reference with sink blower, and commerce from July, destined to be followed by the version MECH OC, arriving in August, which is part of a brand that we see little from our parts, but that usually pulls out the performance are truly excellent. And we expect the same from the Gaming, X, arriving in August as the MECH, which is part of a well known online, with the look of red and black that has marked several cards-MSI’s success over the years. We do not know, instead, EVOKE, a new variant will be available only in in version Radeon RX 5700 XT and it has been developed in the sign of the content creator, what that leaves us to assume sfoggi a certain elegance, that is for the target to which it is oriented, both for the description of the MSI, at the moment the only clue, which speaks of a premium design with a metal band. Instead we know pretty well a good part of the PC case of the MSI since the MSI HARPE 300X, a houses all the broken lines that should arrive at the end of the year after a long job of finishing. And we also know that the MEG Alchemy 700X, a unique solution curve on which the MSI is working hard, due to the problems inherent in the particular form.

Msi Case 2019

There are problems for theMPG SEKIRA, even this well-known, which has a launch date final. The models SEKIRA 500G and SEKIRA 500X will arrive in August, while the SEKIRA 500P is coming in October while keeping the same form factor, the same brushed aluminum and the same internal structure of the other two. However, should cost less, as the 500G, the Sekira 500X, equipped with four fan-type Addressable RGB, with all that that means in terms of performance light, including the rear one and three of the four 200mm included in the package. Tip instead of on the front from the collection is the version of the MGP SEKIRA dedicated to the 50 years of AMD that makes the couple with a special version of the MAG VAMPIRIC, also this is available in the month of August, dedicated to the processors Ryzen, with written and split front solid orange. Then he went back to unfolding the link between MSI and AMD, even if the assembled company make use of the GeForce GPU and Intel processors. To a question about, though, the guys at AMD have not denied the possibility of a change of gear future to a company that is changing in a hurry between partnerships, new products and decisions like that of leaving the AIO to the agreements in the B2B arena. Rather, it bears the signature of the company, from the logo of MSI on the headrest of the red dragon engraved on the lumbar support, the chair game MAG CH110, a piece on which MSI has played it safe by ensuring all of the typical features of chairs in the game of fashion, seasoned with a steel skeleton and a shape molded in polyurethane foam of high quality. Everything, quotes from the last slide with which the event concluded, it can also be obtained for free with the purchase of a monitor 34-inch MSI.


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