Monster Hunter World : the extension Iceborn presents its new and fearsome monsters in a trailer wild

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In a few weeks, Capcom will release finally Iceborn, the huge extension to Monster Hunter World. Almost a full game all by itself, this DLC major will bring a whole new region, new weapons, new creatures and a whole bunch of optimizations that you can find details here : today, the japanese giant offers us a new trailer of massive reveals, once again, new additions are crispy.

And it begins with three previously unreleased monsters that you will hunt with dignity : the most impressive of them is the Glavenus, teasé in the previous trailer, with a tail sharper, and a beam scan is appalling. The other two are really sub-races of species already existing, the Wyvern electrical Anjanath Thunder and the Wyvern Odogaron disaster.

In the margin of these opponents, rather leathery, Capcom reveals us Seliana, the base of the Hunters of the Frost Lord, which will serve as the hub for the adventure. A special room, the Room of the Hunter, will be the same at your disposal and will introduce customization options revolve around the furniture, decor or colors. Later, via an update, you can even visit the Rooms of other players online.

Some other adjustments will also be the day : the Palicos will receive gadgets improved, the ability to have sub-leaders will be added, and the hunting parties multiplayer will have greater flexibility, for example with an adjustment of the difficulty if players leave the game en route.

We point out that, Iceborn will be available on September 6 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the price of 39,99 euros.


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