Minecraft Earth: beta announced with a new video of the gameplay

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The beta is a closed number of Minecraft Earth is about to start, and Mojang has decided to announce it also published the first video of the gameplay official to the new game for mobile platforms.

Although there is not yet a start date and precise, in the next two weeks is planned to start the first phase of closed beta test, which requires the registration on the official website of the Minecraft Earth, to this address. In this first phase, the test is applicable only on platforms iOS , but soon after it should be open also to the platforms Android. The video, published today, is particularly interesting because it shows for the first time the gameplay in a more detailed way: note the basic structure is rather similar to the Pokémon GO, with the displacement in real map and is reproduced in a stylized manner on the screen of the device based on the GPS data.

The whole thing is obviously represented according to the classic style to the blocks of the game Mojang, with Minecraft Earth that is based on the possibility to interact with some sensitive objects in the scenario, called Tappables, that appear on the map at some reference points. Through the Tappables it is possible to obtain construction materials and to level up the characters, while the creative part is done on a “Building plate” that form the basis for the construction. These can then be shared with other players and can interact in various ways. We are therefore waiting for more precise information on the launch of the beta of Minecraft Earth, inviting you to watch the new video shown here above.

Minecraft Earth 12


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