In addition Unravel: create a video game with a thread of emotions

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When he climbed on stage at the E3 2015, the swede Martin Sahlin was so excited that his hands trembled while presenting to the public Unravel. The game was released under the label EA Originals, an initiative that Electronic Arts has put up to finance and to add to the catalog of smaller projects and, in fact, original. On the occasion of the First Playable, an event for developers that was held in Pisa, Sahlin told of all the difficulties encountered over the years from him and his team, Coldwood Interactive. He spoke of the bonds that are created and which are broken, some setbacks received by publishers, and the need to compromise and work on projects that he didn’t like. In Unravel, when Yarny away too much and his body unwinds, that is its author who lost a piece of himself every time a project is taking us away from what he loves. Unravel has also seen a sequel, Unravel Two, released last year on PC and console, and arrived recently on the Nintendo Switch. We have had a chat with Sahlim could tell us about how they changed the themes told in Unravel Two, how has it changed the development team and how was the arrival on the Nintendo Switch.

In the last few weeks, Sahlin has confirmed that Coldwood Interactive is currently working on a new game, but that it will not be Unravel 3, even if it is not excluded that the small Yarny will return in the future.


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