GreedFall, release date confirmed in new trailer

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GreedFall will be available from 10 September on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, as reported a few days ago. The date of exit has been confirmed by the new trailer , which you can find at the head of the news.

The old world is dying and its population exhausted is afflicted by a disease that is seemingly unstoppable. The only glimmer of hope lies in some voices who claim that a cure may be found on the island recently, the discovery of Teer Fradee.

So when you join your cousin, the governor Constantin D’orsay, and the various factions , each with its motives and purposes, embark on your journey into a new world full of magic. Will you side with one of the new colonies, or with the natives of the island in their struggle for freedom?

The freedom of the approach and the choices of the player are at the base of the gaming experience provided by GreedFall; your decisions you will make friendships, break covenants, generanno conflicts and will determine the future of the island.

Proceed in your adventure to discover the secrets hidden in it, will require much more than simple skill in combat. Everything, whether it’s an option of the dialog, choose a stealthy approach or even the choice of companion to be used in a given situation can alter the result.


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