Google Translator: with the camera now translates over 60 languages more

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Useless to deny it, there are many situations of their daily lives, where Google Translator comes back particularly useful. Good news, then, to come to know in the day of today, the app of the well-known service, Google is able to translate over 60 languages in more, with the help of the camera of your android smartphone and iOS.

The new update of Google Translator introduces the feature of instant translation, available soon on android and iOS. The support will be extended to other sixty languages, including Arabic, hindi and malay. Improved, more in general, the entire instant translation: unlike what was previously possible, (the translation was only allowed between the English and other languages), Google translate will now translate in over 100 supported languages.

Among the new features of Google Translator, we note again the automatic detection of languages using the frame of the camera, the Technology at the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) enhanced (in particular, the margin of error decreases), and a certain amount of aesthetic enhancements. All of this will be included in the next update coming for the application on the smartphone android and iOS, presumably already in the next few hours.

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