Google Staff, more than 4000 requests for membership to the platform by developers

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Google has received more than 4,000 applications from developers wishing to be part of the platform game streaming Stadia. The information was revealed by Sam Corcoran, technical account manager of the house in Mountain View, in the course of the Develop: Brighton 2019.

According to the site, PocketGamer, who was present at the event, applications were presented in the context of the programme Staff, Partners and collated by the staff of the company as part of the process of management of the ecosystem.

As explained by the american executive, with this criterion the studies are put in a position to request access to the platform, while Google can “customize a support plan that works for the title and fit the rest in our portfolio.”

“Staff, Partners is the opportunity that is most immediate to the developers: is a program that allows you to present your game in development at Google. This allows us to create a support plan that functions for every single title and that is well suited to the rest of our portfolio. We are always looking for new games and ideas, then we want to speak with anyone of you is interested. “

Please note that Google Staff will debut in 14 Countries in the course of the autumn. For more information on this service you can read our preview by Mattia Armani.


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