Fortnite, collect wood from a pirate ship or viking ship

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Collect wood from a pirate ship or viking ship. This is a challenge of Fortnite of the Week 10 of Season 9, apparently also very linear, but things might soon prove to be more complicated than expected. In this short guide so we will provide you with all the details to complete it quickly and easily.

Among the challenges of Fortnite’s Week 10 Season 9 Collect wood from a pirate ship or viking ship requires you to find the precise structures, and then destroy them all or in part) to collect timber. But where are the viking ship and the pirate ship? First of all, know that this one is as good as another, you do not need to collect wood from both. Follow the path of the Battle Bus at the beginning of the game and head towards the nearest building, and convenient.

The ship viking of Fortnite is located on a mountain close to the Beaches Snob, just at the border between the areas of the game surrounded by the snow and the grass. The position of the pirate ship is in the far north of the map, in the Lagoon Languid (fort of pirates). Here we present a practical image that illustrates the position of the ships of Fortnite: you will land in the places indicated and danneggiatele to collect the wood.

Fortnite Legno Nave Pirata Vichinga 1


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