Epic Games Store: new free game revealed, and Torchlight available

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Continue the excellent program of free games from Epic Games Store for users of its digital delivery, which offers, in these days, Torchlight, and reveals the new free game coming.

Torchlight, the famous action-RPG style hack-and-slash by Runic Games, created as is evident by some of the authors of Diablo, and is therefore available free of charge to download starting today and until July 18, 2019. As is our tradition, the state also unveiled the next free game that will follow the Torchlight and will, therefore, starting from the 18th of July and this is Limbo, another title that famous, become practically a classic.

The first work of the amazing team PlayDead, Limbo has shown to the world for the first time, the particular style of the Danish team, which focuses on exploration, solving puzzles and the narrative of the environmental and emerging, without spoken or written text but able, however, to bring messages that are powerful and stand facing situations that are quite impressive. Limbo will therefore be available free of charge on the Epic Games Store from 18 to 25 July 2019, while waiting to see the next game as a gift that will be revealed on 18 July.


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